S-Flex Baselayer

The ultimate addition to any undersuit.

Why you need the S-Flex Baselayer ?

Our new S-Flex baselayer is the ideal foundation for every undersuit or undergarmit. The seamless technology dispenses all unnecessary seams. It is barely noticeable, and yet you can feel the difference to conventional functional thermo underwear.


1 x Set in the chosen size


64 % Polyester, 36 % Polyemid

Can be combined with all SFT undersuits

Flexible application options: No matter what season, the baselayer can be combined with all undersuits.

In summer, the Baselayer is a great alternative to the V-Warm SFT, which might be too warm at higher temperatures. We recommend using the S-Flex instead of the V-Warm SFT under our SFT undersuits Nexus, Saros or Argo.

In the cold season, the S-Flex is the perfect complement to the V-Warm SFT. For a cuddly warm dive we recommend the Baselayer in combination with the V-Warm SFT and one of our SFT undersuits Nexus, Saros or Argo.

S-Flex Baselayer

Sensational features and combinable with every undersuit.

Climate 3D-Mesh

The excellent moisture control is further enhanced by the extra-high-volume 3D mesh incorporated in key areas, keeping the body as dry as possible.

Super Flexibel

The Baselayer is comfortable, highly flexible and fits perfectly to your body.

Men & Woman Versions

Specially designed measures for women and men in all standard sizes.

Seamless Technology

Seamless Technology - dispenses all unnecessary seams.

For every Season!

No matter what season, the baselayer can be combined with all the undersuits.

Comfort Stretch

The long-cut arms provide excellent warmth and comfort around the wrists and protect the cuffs when putting on and taking off your diving drysuit. If you use the Dryglove System, the S-Flex reaches below the cuff.

5 Dryzones

The 5 Dryzones are perfectly positioned, where most moisture is created. The 3D mesh absorbs the moisture.