Ultra-Light thanks to the new Octolaminat® technology.

Xenon Front Tech XFT-X Pro

The lightest and strongest dry suit, developed with Continental.


Experience scuba diving up close with the new XFT-X PRO!

Ultralight & Durable

Traveling with wetsuits is the past - the future is now! The new XFT-X Pro weighs 2.5 kg and is the perfect travel companion.

GTB Gatorboot

The XFT-X Pro is equipped with the GTB Gatorboot for maximum warmth and flexibility.

Made in Germany

Every drysuit is manufactured and extensively tested at our facilities.

Men and Women models

Specially designed measures for women and men in all standard sizes.

Cordura Reinforced

Cordura reinforcement for minimal wear on the heavily used parts.

Apeks Valves

Apeks inlet and outlet valves according to the latest industry standard.

Octolaminat® developed with Continental

Octolaminat® - the material for extreme requirements!

Flextech Leg Pocket

The Flextech leg pocket expands to a triple volume for maximum content. Unused, it fits snugly on the leg, thanks to the Flex-Technology.


Polycarbonate zipper for more flexibility and light weight.

Dryglove Ready System

Dryglove ready - neoprene cuffs for protection and warmth with Neoprene Tech System 2.0!

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