Argo SFT Drysuit Undergarmit

The Argo SFT Undergarmit introduces the new generation of Undersuits and defines the new standard for insulation, maneuverability and in-suit climate regulation.

Argo SFT Drysuit Undergarmit / Undersuit

Experience the absolute isolation miracle. The new design technology and the use of compression-stable SFT fibers reduce the required amount of weights by up to 40%.

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Dive time of over 60 minutes in 4 ° C

Maximum Climate Regulation

The Nexus SFT and V-Warm thermal underwear have completed numerous test dives in icy temperatures.

Men and Women models

Specially designed measures for women and men in all standard sizes.

Superpress Isolation

The compressed superpress-material generates less buoyancy - so you need less weights!

4 Pockets

1x breast pocket with zipper, 2x leg pocket, 1x inside pocket.

Zip Cover

Secure zipper cover.

Flow Control System

FCS on both arms for easy buoyancy and freedom of movement.

Bi-elastic KT Proof Softshell

Water-repellent and quick-drying surface.


Flexfit foot and arm straps: slipping was yesterday!