Gatorboot GTB

Tech System 2.0. The best of all boots combined in one product.


Our best diving boot combines optimal insulation with perfect wearing comfort.

GTB Tech System 2.0 - More than just a diving boot!

Warmth and safety come first. The Gatorboot fits perfectly on the calf and stays in place with a second safety strap. Due to its comparatively low weight, the Gatorboot is also the perfect travel companion.

Buoyancy Control Tech

Individually adjustable fit for maximum buoyancy control.

Ultraflex Tech

Optimal fin contact thanks to a flexible sole and an ideal fit.

TPN System 2.0

Specially designed 5mm Tech Pro neoprene for effective cold isolation.

Thermo Sox Ready

Combine with the optional Thermo Sox to complete the perfect Gatorboot heating technology.

Ultralight Tech

The perfect travel companion: The ultra-light Gatorboot weighs only 990 grams

Maxum fin

Optimally adapted to the Kallweit Maxum Tech fin.

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Optimally combined with the GATORBOOT GTB 2.0!